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1. How does it all work?

It’s about progression over time. We write a plan specific for your body, and track your progress to make adjustments.

2. What methods do you use for tracking progress?

Bodyweight, specific measurements, pictures, performance, and your pictures.

3. If we never meet in person, how can we be sure that you are setting the right plan for me?

Tracking things online is actually easier than in person. Answers are more precise, measurements, pictures are all there with history. It makes the process much easier, and much cheaper.

4. How hard is the program?

We make it as simple as possible. Eat this, at this time. Workout these, at this time. Etc. It is up to you to follow through.

5. Do you check in and keep us accountable?

If we can. We work with a lot of clients, so it is very hard to keep track of who has emailed us this week and who hasn’t. I encourage anyone who is having trouble sticking with the program to check in with us and tell us what is going on.

6. How long does it take you to answer an email?

We answer all of our emails within 24 hours, but usually much sooner. If we can answer on our cell phones, we will answer back in just a few minutes.

7. Do you offer any guarantees?

We guarantee we will work our ass off for you. If you work your ass off for us, you will be very happy with the progress.

8. Why do you say EARN IT?

That’s what it takes. It’s not something that can be given to another person, and it doesn’t come easily for most people. They have to EARN IT. That requires determination, sometimes some sacrifice.

9. What do I need to get started with you?

A gym membership, a food scale, and a rock solid determination to get results.