Workout Intensity – The Forgotten Equalizer

Some people are just wusses. It’s true – they complain about the workouts, complain about the soreness, etc. In the fitness world, this should be less expected, right? People are used to the pain, used to pushing themselves, used to being sore and trying to achieve a look their body doesn’t want to take them to easily.  Wrong.

Here’s the truth: just because you’re tired and sweaty doesn’t mean you actually pushed yourself through your workout. Pushing yourself in your workout is about embracing the deep muscular pain through a set and pushing past it. I call it “grinding through the set” because that’s how it feels – you just keep grinding away rep after rep even though you can hardly feel the muscle you’re working anymore.

This is the great equalizer. It is the reason you see people making outstanding progress in the gym, while you’re not even coming close. You might be there daily, diet in check, but barely seeing progress. It comes down to how hard you work. Do you work through the pain and keep going with the set, or do you give up early because it starts to hurt?

Next time you’re at the gym – pay attention when you start to give up, and the keep going, and going, and going. You’re stronger than you think.. You just need to learn to tell your brain to shut up.


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